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About Digital Evidence

Digital Evidence, Inc. provides an extensive range of services for investigating and handling computer-related crimes or misuse of electronic media and equipment. Our support encompasses all aspects of discovery and recovery-from initial fact finding to seizure of equipment, to retrieval of data and protection of digital evidence.

We are specialists in computer forensics. We conduct electronic investigations, employing a range of data-accessing techniques, highly specialized software and procedures for a variety of computer platforms and media. We work with PC-based, stand-alone or networked systems. Our expertise extends to various operating systems including DOS, Windows 9x, NT, Windows 2000, Linux and Macintosh.

We offer our services for the specific needs of our clients in

We work closely with our clients to recover vital evidence, including evidence that could not have been recovered using conventional techniques. We understand the importance of keeping communications confidential. Our clients rely on us for proper seizures and handling of evidence, which is essential to

  • recovering vital evidence that is deleted, hidden, or password-protected

  • avoiding the hazards and consequences of mishandled evidence

  • finding and preserving electronic information that can prove or disprove an offense

  • providing evidence in a form that is admissible in a Court of Law.

Our services include:


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