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In the last twenty years, since the introduction of the personal computer (PC), a great change has taken place in the way we use computers. No longer are they an obscure rarity, but are ubiquitous and the business without a computer is now an exception. They are used to assist with most tasks in the workplace. We communicate via email, chat, even voice and video communication use computers. We maintain financial records, schedule appointments, and store significant amounts of business records all electronically.

It should come as no surprise that with this newfound productivity comes a class of individuals who exploit these benefits to commit crimes and civil wrongs. Almost any type of investigation and litigation today may rely on evidence obtained from computer systems. Digital evidence can often make or break a case.

This evidence may be used to establish that a crime has been committed or assert other points of fact in a court of law, such as, identify suspects, defend the innocent, prosecute the guilty, and understand motives and intents of individuals.

Computer forensics is the science whereby; experts extract data from computer media in such a way that it may be used in a court of law. This evidence may include such things as deleted emails or files, computer logs, spreadsheets and accounting information, etc.

It is not sufficient to merely have the technical skills to locate evidence on computer media. Computer forensics experts recover the evidence and maintain a strict chain of custody to ensure that the evidence is preserved in its original form. The knowledge of these experts on what to look for and where to look is also important. At Digital Evidence, Inc., our forensic personnel are certified forensic examiners with years of experience in computer evidence acquisition and processing.


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