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Recent Cases

Authenticating Evidence of Internet Chat Room Logs Recovered From A Hard Drive

The Federal Courts have thus far addressed the authentication of computer-generated evidence based upon the same rules, principles and statutes that have existed before computer usage became widespread. The recent case of United States v. Tank, 200 F.3d 627 (9th Cir. 2000), which involves evidence of Internet chat room conversation logs, is no exception to this trend.

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Tiberino v. Spokane County

Gina Tiberino's employment as a secretary for the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office was terminated based on her unsatisfactory work performance, including her use of e-mail for personal matters. Ms. Tiberino threatened the County with a lawsuit. In response, the County printed all e-mails Ms. Tiberino sent or received from her work computer. The County subsequently received public records requests from Cowles Publishing Company and Spokane Television, Inc., for the e-mails.

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State of Washington v. Townsend
Donald T. Townsend appeals his conviction for attempted second degree rape of a child. He contends the trial court erroneously admitted into evidence copies of e-mail and client-to-client computer messages between himself and a fictitious 13-year-old girl with whom he corresponded. He also contends the conviction is unlawful because it is impossible to attempt to rape a fictitious child and because the State failed to prove he took a substantial step toward commission of child rape.

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