Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Recommended Reading

Digital Evidence and Computer Crime
Author: Eoghan Casey

As well as gaining a practical understanding of how computers and networks function and how they can be used as evidence of a crime, readers will learn about relevant legal issues and will be introduced to deductive criminal profiling, a systematic approach to focusing an investigation and understanding criminal motivations. CD-ROM included.

High Technology Crime Investigator's Handbook
Authors: Gerald L. Kovacich & William C. Boni

This book is coming at a time when high technology crime is growing at a rapid pace, and private and public law enforcement are struggling to keep up. The book will inform readers about the potential of high tech crimes, in addition to the resources that are available to combat them. This book is unique in that it fully covers the management of a high tech investigation unit. Criminals today are often better equipped than the agencies responsible for stopping them. Federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies and civilian investigative organizations lag far behind in their procurement and use of high technology equipment, and methods of conducting technology-related investigations.

Investigating Computer-Related Crime
Author: Peter Stephenson

Written by an experienced information security specialist, this book, the first of its kind, is tailored especially for corporate information professionals and investigators to offer a step-by-step approach to understanding and investigating security problems, technical and legal information, and computer forensic techniques.

I-Way Robbery
Authors: Gerald L. Kovacich, William C. Boni & John P. Kenney

I-Way Robbery is for security, investigative, law enforcement, and other criminal justice professionals, offering a unique look at the Internet as the new crime environment for the 21st century. The book provides an overview of the Internet, its impact on nations, societies, criminals, security officers, and law enforcement professionals, and includes recommended basic, protective measures. I-Way Robbery is written in non-technical terms.

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High-Technology Crime: Investigating Cases Involving Computers
Author: Kenneth S. Rosenblatt

Rosenblatt has an unusually good understanding of the problems faced by law enforcement when dealing with companies who want the crook jailed but don't have time for support work on the case. He also understands corporate perspectives when the case makes the headlines and really becomes a mess for PR.

This book clearly outlines the many issues related to getting computer-based evidence and making sure that search warrants are well written. It is a bit dated but very useful.


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