Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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In a matter of seconds, an employee can cost your company millions of dollars. With a simple transmission, an employee can release proprietary information, reveal intellectual property to your competitor, or send harassing email to a coworker. Actions such as these can create costly liabilities for your company. Are you prepared to handle such a matter? What do you have in place to protect your business?

If an incident occurs, you need professional assistance for discovery and recovery of digital evidence. How you preserve and examine evidence can make or break your case.

Digital Evidence provides a range of services to support investigation and handling of computer-related fraud, abuse, or personnel matters. Our experienced investigators can assist you from initial fact finding to successful prosecution or disciplinary action.

We work closely with our clients to provide confidential, tightly controlled, and thoroughly documented examinations of computer media. We use highly specialized software and procedures to record and recover vital evidence that may not have been found using conventional techniques. Most important, we follow recognized forensic guidelines to ensure that evidence we recover may be used in court if needed.

Deciding when or whether to report an incident to police is an important decision. We can help you decide when it is necessary to involve the law. Once the police are involved, we can assist your legal counsel and the investigating officers to ensure a smooth transition of the case and pertinent evidence to law enforcement agencies. We can continue on the case providing assistance as needed.

Our assistance also extends to the following areas:

  • Internal security of data and information - By examining the data on a hard drive of a networked or desktop computer, we can help you detect someone's access, tampering or copying of sensitive files.

  • Unlocking or recovering files - We can help you regain access to files, even when the password is unknown or the file has be deliberately destroyed. This service is valuable when disgruntled or terminated employees delete, hide, password-protect or otherwise destroy files when they leave. Our assistance can help you identify employees or others that have defrauded the company or have something to hide. By checking computer systems, we may expose their activities.

  • Accidentally deleted files - We can quickly recover deleted files. Once a file has been accidentally, or otherwise, deleted, stop using the computer and contact us immediately.

  • Computer-use policies and procedures - Do you have a computer-security program or computer-use policy? We can assist in identifying gaps in your policies and procedures that leave you unprotected. We can also identify danger signs and help implement preventative measures for reducing the risk of a serious incident.

  • Employee Termination - In some cases, you may need to examine employee computers as part of a post employment exit interviews. We can help you look for evidence of theft or destruction of corporate proprietary information.

We invite you to contact us for further information or to discuss ways we can assist your company. We would be happy to discuss a case and possible avenues for discovery of electronic evidence.


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