Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Criminal Prosecution

Today's criminals have embraced technology to aid them in committing crimes. They use computers in cases from homicide to petty theft, as the method for their crime or incidentally to make their "job" easier. With each unlawful act, they create digital evidence of their wrongdoing.

Consequently, the discovery and recovery of digital evidence has become an essential part of successful prosecution. Cases that rely on digital evidence can include fraud, theft, forgery, homicide, cyberstalking, child pornography, abduction, embezzlement and hate and harassment crimes.

Collecting and examining digital evidence requires a trained computer forensic specialist. An untrained investigator may overlook or mishandle evidence, which often has been deleted, password protected, or hidden. In addition, an untrained person will not be able to make expert conclusions in court with regard to the evidence, and the defense counsel may question the methods used and challenge the credentials, qualifications and expertise of the examiner. Without the expertise of computer forensic investigators, prosecutors risk having the evidence thrown out.

Digital Evidence provides the expertise you need. We can assist you in:

  • Creating and phrasing legally sound affidavits and search warrants for effective discovery and recovery of the documentary evidence

  • Conducting forensic computer examinations

  • Presenting credible, digital evidence that is admissible in a Court of Law

  • Providing expert testimony

  • Reporting findings a way that the technical issues, opinion, and evidence can be easily understood

  • Properly explaining and presenting evidence to a jury

  • Producing understandable, effective graphics to the Court.

Plus, you don't have to wait for reports from federal computer forensic labs, which are often backlogged. We provide timely analysis of computer media.


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