Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Legal Community

Computers can play a role directly or indirectly in many kinds of legal cases--property disputes, divorces, harassment, wrongful termination, theft of trade secrets, and almost any offence, from illegal trafficking to murder.

Lawyers have become aware of this new form of electronic evidence. They are asking for court orders compelling presentation of original electronic documents and all ambient data that may potentially contain other versions of the same document or erased files. This new form of document discovery has broadened the options of legal discovery.

Digital Evidence provides unique litigation support services to attorneys and legal professionals in both civil and criminal venues. We can help you identify computer-generated documentary evidence to support your case. We can assist with written requests for discovery, analysis of data, and, perhaps most important, submission of digital evidence in a form that is admissible in a Court of Law.

Examples of our assistance to the legal community include:

  • Civil / Criminal fraud cases where memos, letters, spreadsheets, emails, or database data may be present on the media

  • Divorce or other cases where property and assets are at issue

  • Bankruptcy or other financial cases where memos, letters, spreadsheets, emails of database data may be present on the media

  • Sexual, racial, age, or other discrimination cases where memos, letters, spreadsheets, or databases data may be present on the media

  • Alibis and exculpatory material that may be contained on a computer

  • Due Diligence examinations

  • Preparation of computer evidence interrogatories

  • Preparation of depositions

  • Assistance for court examination of a computer expert

  • Provide expert testimony in cases that require an objective and independent opinion of complex technical and forensic issues

We invite you to contact us for further information or to discuss ways we can assist you. We would be happy to discuss a case and possible avenues for discovery of electronic evidence.


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